wonderful discreet marijuana delivery service. the product arrives in the most amazing fun packaging. gets me excited every time I pick it up.

Order Cannabis Online Australia

I ordered the wedding cake cannabis strain as it was a top recommendation. did not disappoint! Great bunch here, I will be back fosho.

Order Cannabis Online Australia
Lachlan Westbrook

The Delta 8 Vegan Gummies, Blue Raspberry flavor is a variety pack. Helps with pain, appetite and is also amazing with for sleep. Comes a 10 pack and is worth the try at least :)

Order Cannabis Online Australia
Tim Baker

Jack Herer South Australia - Excellent strain. This strain was very uplifting with energy running through the day. Package arrived properly sealed and buds looked beautiful.

Order Cannabis Online Australia
Brett Galvin

They ensure you are happy with what you are getting, seriously great service or will advise you on alternatives. Your happiness is their priority and it can be seen clearly. This is my number one go to shop to Order Cannabis Online Australia.

Order Cannabis Online Australia
Joseph Ancher

Bought an ounce Ak-47 flowers here and the quality was amazing. Delivery was fast and package arrived in a pretty safe and padded envelope. Totally discreet ! Thumbs up guys.

Order Cannabis Online Australia
Joshua G.

Definitely will go back. I took a bunch of stuff and got a 50% discount plus a goodie. Can't beat that !

Marijuana Strains Australia
Cooper Turriff

I heard after 3 hits of white widow, you are going to want to clean your house. Deadset !! Dishes, laundry all done piece of piss... I also have the feeling to tell jokes. Who knows, this could be the start of it for me

white widow

The Green Crack keeps me uplifted, focused, relaxed and energetic. I can honestly place this on my top 3 strains i have smoked. This is the strain that pick you up, awesome for day time activities.

Green Crack

I've been with WeedIGA for about 1 and a half years. The staff is outstanding, willing to help, give information, and help with recommendations. The delivery service is top notch, they even come in rain or snow. Hats off to the delivery team.


I highly recommend you buy weed online from here especially their indica marijuana strains (The Granddaddy Purple Kush is my favorite). Gives you full effect, which i guess is what you looking for.Thank me later guys.

Riley Earp

I have been ordering here for over 2 years now. I haven't had any issues with weediga. Decent products and prices. Delivery is also good and discrete.