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Wedding Cake THC-O Vape Pen Sydney – Australia
We know how it is — after you’ve tried endless amounts of vape carts and pens, it’s hard to be impressed. But don’t give up the search just yet, because the Luxe THC-O Vape Pen is built to wow even the pickiest connoisseurs.

Wedding Cake THC-O Vape Pen Sydney – Australia

It all starts with our impressive THC-O live resin distillate sourced from premium hemp flowers. Then, we employ industry-leading extraction processes to arrive at a distillate so pure and balanced that third-party lab testers are routinely astonished.

Even the finest THC-O distillate will be hard to appreciate if the vape pen it’s paired with under performs. That’s why the entire Luxe THC-O Vape Pen package spares no expense:

Wedding Cake THC-O Vape Pen Sydney | THC-O live resin | Luxe THC-O Vape Pen

An auto-draw function easily detects when you’re ready to vape
The onboard rechargeable battery holds a long-lasting charge
Form and function converge in an easy to hold pen

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