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Marijuana Caviar Strain Queensland | Buy Caviar weed QLD | Caviar For Sale Queensland
Caviar is produced by marrying Grape Rhino kief with Grape Rhino hash oil and Grape God. It is an excellent, strong and quite an expensive cannabis as an ounce of it costs around $2,000. It is a brilliant grade A+ marijuana strain that is an Indica dominant variety.

Caviar Cannabis Strain Effects

Reported by real people like you

80% of people report feeling sleepy

72% of people report feeling happy

68% of people report feeling relaxed

Caviar Strain Helps With

14% of people say it helps with stress

14% of people say it helps with anxiety

It does not have a very pleasant appearance as it looks like a big leafy ball with a strange green colour. It must be open in a place that has less or no breeze at all as it has a thick kief coating. It has a very high potency as its THC level ranges from 15 to 20 percent.

This is because it is infused with about 30 to almost 80 percent rich has oil THC. It has a strong and tempting smell that is quite similar to that of the famous dark chocolate by Godiva. Its taste is amazing too and has a dark chocolate and grape flavour.

Caviar has a smooth taste and it burns for quite a long while as well. It is excellent for treating various ailments, including stress, anxiety and a number of chronic pains.

It has a relaxing effect on your system that helps you cope with depression easily. Make sure to not use it with alcohol as it can cause you to pass out for hours.

Marijuana Caviar Strain Queensland

Buy Caviar weed QLD

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