Delta-8 Tincture Bundle | 4 Bottles


100% Organic Ingredients


Delta 8 Tincture For Sale Australia

Delta 8 Tincture For Sale Australia

Energizing Delta-8 THC Tincture | 3000mg

Enjoy an energy-boosting psychoactive buzz alongside all of the health benefits of cannabinoids. This all-natural concoction fuses Delta-8 THC with organic MCT oil, frankincense, lemon, and bergamot, maximizing stimulation, enhancing your buzz, and greatly increasing the bio-availability.

This Delta 8 THC tincture offers a potent dosage of 100mg per dropper, meaning if you’re new to cannabis, it might be best to start with a half or even a quarter dose.


● 100% organic ingredients

● 3000mg Delta8 THC per bottle

● Infused with stimulating essential oils to enhance your experience

● Offers an energy-boosting psychoactive buzz

● Rapid absorption and high bio-availability


Delta-8 THC Tincture For Sleep | 3000mg

Relax, unwind, and head off into a deep and restful sleep with this all natural Delta 8 tincture. Fusing stress-relieving delta-8 THC with relaxing essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, and chamomile enables your mind to switch off, body to distress, and fall into a deep sleep.

If you struggle with falling asleep or are easily woken during the night, this is the product for you to tackle those challenges. Our proprietary blend of oils is infused in solvent-less MCT oil to ensure the highest bio-availability possible. Never again will the stresses of everyday life cause your insomnia to take control.


● 3000mg Delta-8 THC per bottle

● Infused with calming essential oils to promote relaxation

● Tackle insomnia and improve your sleep pattern

● Rapid absorption and high bio-availability


3000mg Delta-8 Tincture | Peppermint

If you want taste, convenience, and potency—then there’s no better choice than our Peppermint Delta-8 Tincture.

Each bottle is loaded with 3000mg of mood-boosting and body relaxing delta-8 THC. That means that each full dropper will deliver about 100mg of soothing delta-8 THC.

Tinctures are perfect for those who want a quick and discreet way to take delta-8 THC. Simply grab the dropper and place the delicious delta-8 THC infused oil straight under the tongue.

The effects will come on quickly as you’re lifted into euphoric heights. You’ll slowly float back down to earth after hours in the clouds.

There are absolutely no fillers in our tinctures, and we take pride in the purity and quality of our delta-8 THC products.

We use a special technique to capture and refine delta-8 THC directly from hemp plants. Then, the delta-8 THC is infused with MCT oil.

MCT oil comes naturally from coconut oil and is the perfect carrier for cannabinoids. In other words, it makes our delta-8 THC tincture wholesome and much more effective at the same time.

To sweeten the deal, we added natural peppermint flavoring. You’ll savor every minty and fresh flavored dose of this incredible delta-8 THC tincture.


Delta-8 THC + CBD Tincture | 1:1 Blend

Our 1500mg CBD and Delta-8 THC tincture will hit you with a one-two punch of full-body relaxation and an uplifting head high. If you’re looking for a discreet and easy way to get the benefits of both CBD and delta-8 THC, then this is it. Both CBD and delta-8 THC are incredibly effective on their own.

However, we thought we would kick it up a notch and put them together. That’s why we took 1500mg of CBD and combined it with 1500mg of delta-8 THC for a perfect 1:1 ratio. Both cannabinoids work much better together to give incredible support to a variety of ailments better than they would on their own.

We didn’t stop there because we needed our CBD and Delta-8 THC Tincture to stand out from the competition. That’s why we infused our cannabinoids with MCT oil, which comes from organic coconuts. You can feel the quality in every drop of our tincture as it’s rapidly absorbed under your tongue.

Each bottle comes with 30 full servings of 50mg CBD and 50mg delta-8 THC. Last but not least, we lab test every bottle of our CBD and Delta-8 THC tincture. You can see that every drop of our tincture is safe, effective, and superb.


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